ZIO CIRO Zio Ciro Subito Cotto 100 Wood - Creative Outdoor Living
ZIO CIRO Zio Ciro Subito Cotto 100 Wood - Creative Outdoor Living

Zio Ciro Subito Cotto 100 Wood

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Please note the current lead time on the ovens is 5 weeks. If you have any questions or queries our number is Tel: 01709 794766


Subito Cotto 100 is a ready to use wood fired oven. The dome and floor are entirely made of high quality refractory concrete. High thermal mass means a more linear temperature profile throughout cooking and longer heat retention after the fire has gone out. It is ideal for cooking Italian pizza but also for bread, roast meats, grilled fish, vegetables and cakes.

The Subito Cotto is available with a Gas Burner made in Italy by leading gas burner manufacturer Avanzini Bruciatori and can operate on Natural Gas, LPG or Methane. It consumes a small amount of wood/gas and reaches baking temperatures in 15 minutes and 450˚C in approx 55 minutes. The gas burner is completely integral and does not hang below the appliance. It’s contained within its base making installation of the oven super quick and easy.

The Cotto 100 has an internal diameter of 100cm and is ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and finished. It is reasonably lightweight and can be transported and used in small spaces such as terraces, balconies, small gardens but also indoor or outdoor kitchens or taverns.

Stand or Anti Vibe Mounts - Also available is an anti vibration mounting kit making it an ideal choice for mobile catering vehicles. These can be exchanged for the stand at no extra cost. Choose the stand if it's to be assembled in a fixed location such as your garden. Choose the anti vibe mounts if you're mounting the oven in a mobile vehicle.

Gas Kit - Everything you need to connect your oven to an LPG bottle with screw in type fitting. Please note the quick coupling needs swapping to the opposite end of the hose when you receive it. To release the fittings, place the end of the hose into boiling water. The fittings will now unscrew with the appropriate spanner. Have it checked and certified by a qualified gas engineer.

All Subito Cotto ovens are made in Italy, with high quality materials, 100% Made in Italy.


  • Cooking area: 100cm diameter
  • Colours: White, Red and Black
  • Gas consumption: 1.7Kg/h (Max)
  • Wood consumption: 10Kg per hour
  • Cooking temperature in: 15 minutes
  • 300Kg (with metal stand)
  • Capacity: 4-5 pizza
  • Wheels not included