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Looft Lighter

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The Looftlighter is the fastest way of lighting a barbecue or hearth fire as it only takes about 60 seconds. After the ignition you can either leave the BBQ to get ready on its own or speed up the process by using the Looftlighter towards the same spot to get the charcoal ready in just a few minutes.

With no direct flame the Looftlighter is one of the safest fire starters on the market. The aluminium heat shield helps cool down the Looftlighter quickly after use.

You will never again need chemicals to light your fire, chemicals that are harmful for human health and contribute to CO2 emissions. With the Looftlighter, it's just hot clean air.

Light your barbecue
- Make a pile of charcoal, (or whatever material you are using).
- Touch the pile with the tip of the Looftlighter
- Pull it slightly backwards when sparks or glow appear
Continue pointing the Looftlighter towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds (to ignite the charcoal) or a couple of minutes (to get the charcoal white and ready to use).

Additional use
Integrated bottle-opener in the foot!

Size & Weight
- Length: 452 mm (17,8 inches)
- Width: 65 mm (2,6 inches) 
- Depth: 65 mm (2,6 inches)
- Weight: 880 g (1.94 lbs)
- Total weight incl package: 1330g (2.93 lbs)
- 3 meter cord