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Premium restaurant lumpwood charcoal 10kg

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A premium grade charcoal made from the finest South African lumpwood is always the first choice with restaurant kitchens or the ultimate choice for outdoor cooking & BBQ's.

Designed for professional use it is the perfect size, easy to light and gets to optimum temperature quickly with a lengthy cooking time.
Very clean grade minimising dust in any cooking area.

This is a very popular product which is often used for Tandoor Ovens and Turkish BBQs as they burn at a consistently hot temperature for a longer time due to the size of the charcoal pieces.

Also perfect for Josper type ovens, catering, hog roasts, large & small BBQs, open ovens and grills.
Durable, 10kg bag to avoid damage.

No longer trade only, now selling direct Delivered in a handy 10kg sack.