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Napoloen Large Grease Trays (5 Pack)

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It may not seem like it, but the Napoleon Disposable Drip Trays are an integral part of the grilling experience. Fill these trays with a flavoured liquid to create steam while grilling foods for long periods. This creates a fantastic steam that will keep your food moist throughout the grilling process. Place this drip tray under the food that is being grilled, under the cooking grids, and it will also catch the drippings to make gravies and sauces.

This serves two purposes:

One: It will help keep your grill clean, especially when grilling something like duck or ribs.
And two, those drippings can be used to create stunning sauces and gravies for your meal. Once you are done with the drip trays, you can just toss them. That leaves you with no mess to clean up on the grill, freeing you up to enjoy the meal sooner.