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Clementi Pulcinella with Stand 80cm Gas

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Please note the lead time on the ovens is 6 weeks. We advise reserving your oven using the link below to pay a deposit of £50. Once we are a week from delivery we will request the final payment. If you have any questions or queries our number is Tel: 01709 794766

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The Clementi Pulcinella includes the stand and is perfect for making a statement in your garden. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to 400 C. There are 3 sizes: 60x60cm  60x80cm  100x80cm (dimensions of cooking area). All sizes will cook more than one pizza at a time in only 90-120 seconds.

  • 60x60cm cooks 2x pizzas
  • 60x80cm cooks 4x pizzas
  • 100x80cm cooks 5x pizzas

The cooking area is comprised of fire bricks which retain the heat from the fire to give a perfectly crisp pizza base. The oven has a thermometer, damper system on the chimney for temperature control, a stainless steel door and unique Air Plus System, which allows an even stream of air to flow into the fire. The oven is insulated with 8cm of wool-rock + 2.5cm of ceramic fibre +  3cm of more wool-rock lines the roof of the pizza oven. This means that slow cooking is achievable with ease in the Clementi.