Di Fiore 6B kit pizza oven - Di fiore - Creative Outdoor Living
Di Fiore 6B kit pizza oven - Di fiore - Creative Outdoor Living
Di Fiore 6B kit pizza oven - Di fiore - Creative Outdoor Living
Di Fiore 6B kit pizza oven - Di fiore - Creative Outdoor Living

Di Fiore 6B kit pizza oven

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 Di Fiore Forni

6B Wood-burning oven 80 x 70 

Prefabricated wood-burning oven for domestic and professional use, consisting of various modular elements, easy and quick to assemble on a masonry base.

The included prefabricated hood consists of a single brick piece and has a hole of 180 cm to convey the fumes into the chimney. The cooking chamber, measuring 80 x 70 cm, is built with a special refractory mortar of excellent quality, guaranteed by years of activity, research and experience on refractories. This oven is also equipped with a 42 x 25 cm door with zipper, made of refractory and steel, equipped with ceramic glass for observation inside the oven and a thermometer for careful cooking of food.

Di Fiore wood-burning ovens can be installed on a masonry base and come with assembly instructions, photos and detailed descriptions. It is recommended to insulate the oven with a dough according to the following proportions: 4 bags of expanded clay, 1 bag of vermiculite, 50 kg of cement. As an insulator, use rock wool panels.

With this wood-burning oven you can cook bread, pizza, focaccia, pies, meat, fish, lasagna and various foods, with a genuine and unique flavor not obtainable with other cooking methods, all this comfortably at home.

Tips on how to use a wood-burning oven

Fiore ovens are very easy to use. They can be heated with any wood, until the inner vault becomes white and the temperature is the desired one for the type of food you want to cook. There are two traditional cooking methods:

  • Cooking type pizzeria: with a hot oven and an open door, you leave the burning wood on one side and in the other you cook, directly on the oven floor, pizzas, focaccia, bruschetta ...
  • Bread-type baking: hot oven and closed door, all the wood is left to burn to reach the desired temperature and then baked. Ideal for baking bread, fish, meat, porchetta, desserts...

Di Fiore wood-burning ovens are built to perfection and allow you to obtain perfect cooking, great cleanliness and maximum economy: with 15 kg of wood you can heat a medium-sized oven.

Approximate cooking times

  • Pizza: 3/6 min
  • Tarts: 20 min
  • Donut: 40 min
  • Cannelloni: 20 min
  • Lasagne: 50 min
  • Bread: 45/50 min
  • Roast: 60 min

Features prefabricated wood-burning oven 80 x 70 cm with Di Fiore hood

  • Model: 6B
  • Internal dimension: 80 x 70 cm
  • Weight: 235 kg
  • Chimney: 180 cm
  • Door dimensions: 42 x 25 cm
  • Capacity (1 kg bread): 6 pieces
  • Material: refractory mortar
  • Hood included: yes
  • Thermometer included: yes
  • Door with ceramic glass: yes
  • Warranty 2 years
  • 100 % Made in Italy


Di Fiore forni snc boasts a history of artisan production of over 50 years, born by the founder Ernesto Di Fiore who in the 50s produced ovens in the laboratory of his home. To date, Di Fiore ovens are appreciated all over the world for the quality of the refractory used and for the use of ecological insulating materials. All Di Fiore products largely comply with the anti-pollution regulations in force in Europe. For more information: