Feuerhand tyropit fire bowl - Feuerhand - Creative Outdoor Living
Feuerhand tyropit fire bowl - Feuerhand - Creative Outdoor Living
Feuerhand tyropit fire bowl - Feuerhand - Creative Outdoor Living

Feuerhand tyropit fire bowl

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Comfortable hours at home in a relaxed atmosphere guaranteed: The Feuerhand fire bowl Tyropit reliably supplies light and warmth and brings a crackling into any terrace party.

The double-walled, stainless-steel fire bowl is perfectly suited to spend convivial evenings with family and friends while having stick bread and sausages on a skewer.

With a height of 35.5 cm the Tyropit has the ideal size to gather round the fire bowl together.

In addition, the Feuerhand fire bowl not only heats at a comfortable height but it also captivates with its tasteful style in timeless industrial design.

It redefines the fire bowl concept all over again and in addition makes it look very appealing: Constant air supply from below as well as additional oxygen supply through the double-walled corpus generate an effective wood combustion. The resulting secondary combustion enables low-soot and low-smoke operation. The air supply in the middle of your terrace fire provides extra oxygen for your flames. Thus, your guests can enjoy stimulating conversations in pleasant ambience. Embers are kept on the removeable charcoal grate, while combustion residues are collected on the also removeable ash dish with domed spark guard. For that reason, the fire keeps crackling and the fireside atmosphere for the garden is guaranteed. The domed spark guard also prevents embers and sparks from falling down and a heat shield at the bottom protects the ground underneath. With its three support legs the Tyropit stands firm and tilt-proof. The stainless-steel corpus is not only very sturdy and heat-resistant, but also develops a charming patina over time. This colour change of the material is normal and depends on the degree of heat, on the manner of filling as well as on the type of fuel.

Technical Details:

Material: Stainless steel
⌀ stand space: 62.3 cm
⌀ upper edge (inside): 50.6 cm
⌀ upper edge (outside): 57.8 cm
Height with support legs: 35.5 cm
Weight: 12.1 kg