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Fontana Toscano Mangiafuco Outdoor

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The Mangiafuco Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven gives you the opportunity to experience traditional Italian cooking from your own back garden. The food cooks in the same compartment as the fire giving the flavour and authenticity only wood fired cooking can offer, it also means less time cooking so more time eating and entertaining! The brick cooking base will give your pizza a lovely crispy crust and not only can you use it to cook pizza, it's also perfect for bread and vegetables. The natural rock wool insulation allows the oven to maintain its temperature, cooking your food to perfection, whilst also cutting back on the amount of fuel used. The body of the pizza oven being manufactured from stainless steel means the oven can reach optimum cooking temperature in just a few minutes, so no waiting around for it to heat up! Whether using it for a dinner party with friends or fun with the family at the weekend wheel this baby out and let the feast begin!