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Gi metal amica pizza peel 32x 30 (13”x 12”)

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Amica Aluminium Peel

A line designed for the private user who uses their pizza oven occasionally and looks for quality, lightweight and a handy, easy-to-use tool. All of the Amica line models are light to make them practical for occasional use. The head-handle joint consists of the overlay of two elements secured by three large rivets in line, to guarantee safety and no movement.

Untreated aluminium head, untreated aluminium handle.

Though this tool is designed for occasional/domestic use rather than in a busy professional kitchen, some chefs prefer these peels due to the sheer lightness and easy-to-use design. The low price of peels in the Amica line also makes them easy to replace if a chef does want to use them in a professional kitchen. 

Please note we can cut the peel handles down to any length requested by the customer, to suit the space in their kitchen/garden. 

Aluminium peel head: 29x27