Greenolive Green Olive Smoking Wood Chunks - Creative Outdoor Living
Greenolive Green Olive Smoking Wood Chunks - Creative Outdoor Living

Green Olive Smoking Wood Chunks

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Our oak whiskey wood chunks are small pieces (4-10cm) made from used oak barrels from the Rioja region of Spain. They give your BBQ or Smokin’ food strong smokey flavours with a whiskey aroma. These compliment such foods as bold red meats, game, meaty fish and hearty vegetables such as aubergine.
Add some chunks over your coals or use on their own for that original wood BBQ with a prolonged wood smokin’.  They will infuse the food and enhance the flavours, as it’s all about the flavour


Our Olive wood chunks are great for smoking your food and give a slightly sweet, smoky fruity flavour

Olive wood chunks are made from our natural olive logs, which are cut into small pieces approx 4-10cm. Olive wood is an extremely dense firewood that burns with a fantastic aroma and the density of the wood means that it burns much longer than most woods here in the UK.

All our Olive wood is sourced from the Mediterranean region where there is an abundance of cut wood just left to rot from the Olive farms pruning and replanting process. This makes it a perfect renewable & carbon neutral fuel.