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Grill Fire Skillet GP30-t with One Pan Handle

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The cast-iron Petromax grill pan GP30-t with handle is perfect when you want to prepare vegetables, fish or meat with an authentic grill flavour. This 35 cm pan is made from cast-iron and can be heated to extremely high temperatures. You can use the pan on the stove but also in the oven or over an open flame it will prove its worth. For the perfect steak or to grill vegetables: in this pan it is all possible.

Cast-iron is sustainable and distributes heat excellently. The unique qualities of cast-iron make this the perfect pan when preparing products that require extreme heat. In addition, cast-iron is easy to clean. Like all cast-iron Petromax pans this skillet has been pre-seasoned and is ready to be used. Because the pan establishes a protective layer/non-stick coating during use, it will only get better over the years. A good cast-iron pan like this Petromax, will, as a result, last a life-time.