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Hot Rod Grills V8 BBQ Grill

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The Hot Rod Grills barbecue has power under the hood.

It's the ultimate gas barbecue for all men. For everyone who loves motors. For those who like it bigger, faster, more relaxed. For those who want to get envious glances, for all barbecue friends, who are simply not ready for a normal barbecue, Hot Rod Grills has created the perfect barbecue.

Cylinders spit smoke.

Hot Rod Grills has not skimped on the design: the device looks like a V8 engine, scale-loving and professionally reconstructed by one of the leading gas grill manufacturers in the industry. Car fans will instantly notice the cylinders from which smoke arises authentically when grilling. All the other parts of the Hot Rod Grills are based on real 8 cylinder motors, with all the trimmings. Under the "motor", which can be opened completely with one handle, the actual grill is then revealed: on the stainless steel grill grate (46 x 40 cm) there is enough room for a lot of grill meat. Thanks to a "professional-grade" temperature display the heat in the grill at any time can be easily seen. Two stainless steel tube burners provide the necessary fire to heat the food well.

Safe grilling.

Grill enthusiasts can use the Hot Rod Grills gas barbecue just like any other barbecue: the electric ignition also allows a very comfortable start into the grilling season. The Hot Rod Grill gas barbecue is not as fast a car with a V8 engine, but thanks to lockable wheels with "full-moon wheel caps", the Hot Rod Grill gas barbecue is always easy to move anywhere. Anyone who is fond of cars and is looking for something special is more than well advised with the iconic gas barbecue from Hot Rod Grills.