Napoleon Rogue XT 425 LPG, stainless with IR side burner and high lid - Creative Outdoor Living
Napoleon Rogue XT 425 LPG, stainless with IR side burner and high lid - Creative Outdoor Living
Napoleon Rogue XT 425 LPG, stainless with IR side burner and high lid - Creative Outdoor Living

Rogue XT 425 LPG, stainless with IR side burner and high lid

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Napoleon Rogue RXT425SIBPSS-1-GB Stainless Steel gas Barbeque

The Napoleon Rogue RXT425SIBPSS-1-GB Gas Barbecue is where Things start to get Serious, you ll be the envy of your mates. The sleek compact design offers all of the features of the larger Napoleon models with no compromise on quality.
The Rogue features three stainless steel burners with a maximum of 15.6kW of heat output giving you the power to create that perfect steak whenever you want to.
The impressive 4030 square cm cooking surface is enough for any large family gathering. Lighting the Rogue could not be easier due to the Jet Fire Ignition system which is standard on all Napoloen Barbeques Rogue, Lex, Prestige and Prestige Pro.

This grill lights easily, every time, with a battery-free Jet Fire Ignition- Think TopGun Afterburner- This ignition system send an intense flame to each burner individually giving complete control and instant lighting of each burner. Windy conditions are no issue for the Rogue RXT425SIBPSS Do you 'Feel the need for Speed'?
Sizzle Zone Grill/Side Burner - The Sizzle Zone located on the right hand side shelf of the RXT425SIBPSS-1-GB features over 10,000 flame ports to produce 980 degree heat, The Ceramic Plate burner is basically Super-heated to almost 1000c and radiates intense heat locking in the juices and instantly burning of the fat residue, Your Steaks will have the best sear marks you have ever seen whilst remaining juicy inside. Hmmmm

Napoleon Matt enamelled cast iron waved cooking grates are ideal for any meal and will go well into the future.
The amazingly functional Dual-Level Stainless Steel Heat Plates are intricately designed to vapourise any residue go create the stunning smokey taste making you the talk of the neighbourhood every time the grill is fired up.

If space is an issue then Folding side shelves should make life easier for you, locking castor wheels make the Rogue easy to store and move from place to place in your garden.

The Rogue RXT425SIBPSS-1-GB is finished in high quality stainless steel with a stylish lid with built in temperature gauge. The main cook Box is Cast Aliminium meaning that rust will never been an issue. The cart offers one stainless steel door giving ample room for storage under the unit. The cabinet will store upto a 6kg gas bottle.


Lid Raised & Shelves Raised

Height: 160cm
Width : 130cm (88cm shelves folded)
Depth : 64cm

Lid Closed & Shelves Raised

Height: 123cm
Width : 130cm (88cm shelves folded)
Depth : 64cm

• 3 stainless steel main burners - 4.75 kW each
• SIZZLE ZONE infrared side burner - 26 cm x 23 cm
• Cast Iron Wave Cooking Grids
• Durable cast aluminium grill chamber
• Folding side shelves
• Matt Enamel coated cast iron WAVE cooking grids
• Dual level stainless steel heat distribution system
• JET FIRE ignition system
• ACCU-PROBE thermometer
• New for 2020 - Higher Stainless Steel Lid
• New for 2020 - Larger Warming Rack
• Limited Lifetime Warranty