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Petromax Dutch Oven ft4.5 (flat base)

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This original 4 Litres Petromax Dutch Oven ft4.5is perfect for outdoor use, on the BBQ or for in the oven to cook and bake. Because of the wonderful qualities of cast-iron the heat is evenly distributed and retained. Outside you can use the pan over an open flame with charcoal or briquettes. The raised edge on the lid makes it possible to add charcoal or briquettes on top of the Dutch Oven. As a result the pan is heated from all sides and will function as an oven. You can also hang the pan over an open flame or use it in the oven.

The Petromax Dutch Oven has been enhanced with ingenious details for an amazing cooking experience. The small cut-out that has enough room for a thermometer is ideal. This enables you to check the temperature inside the pan without removing the lid. Because of the solid handle you can safely lift the pan. Another remarkable detail is that, upside-down, the lid can serve as a baking tin. To prepare steak, pancakes or a fried egg. Soups, meat courses, stews but also cakes and loafs of bread can easily be prepared in the Dutch Oven.

Cast-iron pans have been around since the 18th century. Even back then the unique features of cast-iron were appreciated. With the Dutch Oven Petromax is taking over this tradition and offers a multitude of refined details.