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Petromax FP30H Fire Skillet

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The Petromax Skillet or frying pan FP30H with two handles is made from cast-iron and indispensable when preparing meals. You can use the pan on the stove but also in the oven or over an open flame it will prove its worth. For deliciously cooked potatoes, the perfect steak or making pancakes: it is possible with this pan.



Ref. fp20-t fp25-t fp30-t fp35-t fp40-t
Capacity max. 1 L 1.6 L 2.5 L 3.5 L 4.7 L
Diameter upper edge 20 cm 25 cm 30 cm 35 CM 40 CM
Bottom diameter 15 cm 20 cm 25 cm 30 cm 35 cm
Height 6.7 cm 6.7 cm 6.7 cm 6.7 cm 6.7 cm
Weight approx 1.8 kg 2.5 kg 3.5 kg 4.4 kg  5.5 kg


The weights provided refer to the versions with one handle. The models with two handles are lighter