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Petromax Hft 1 Mini Torch

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The Petromax professional blowtorch is an excellent tool for easy lighting of lamps, grill and more.  With its maximum temperature of 2372 °F (1300 °C) this blowtorch may also be used for soldering works or to melt lead, gold or silver. The gas and air supply can be smoothly adjusted. Thanks to its permanent operation switch and the removable base the blowtorch offers comfortable and easy handling.  The Petromax hf2 comes with a child lock and can be filled with regular lighter gas (butane). The device is tested and approved by German safety standards (TÜV/GS).


Height: 5.4 in (13.7 cm)
Width: 4 in (10 cm)
Depth: 2.8 in  (7 cm)
Tank capacity: 64 ml
Burning time: 60-70 minutes