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Weber Crafted Premium Flat Top

Weber's Premium Flat Top is part of the new Weber Crafted System. Weber's innovative accessory system to enhance your grill into a full cooking experience. 
This is specially designed to be lightweight and easy to clean made using Cast Iron with a Porcelain-Enamelled coating. 
The Flat Top has high walls keep anything you are cooking from going astray on the BBQ and also provides a large surface for lots of space. Perfect for Smash Burgers, vegetables, bacon, seafood and more!
While this makes your BBQ so much more versatile in what you can cook, the Flat Top also offers superior heat retention and distribution for an even temperature throughout.

Only compatible with the following BBQs:

35310074 - Weber Genesis E-325S
35300074 - Weber Genesis S-325S
35410074 - Weber Genesis E-335
35510074 - Weber Genesis Ex-325S
36310074 - Weber Genesis E-425S
35400074 - Weber Genesis S-335
35500074 - Weber Genesis Sx-325S
22611574 - Weber Smokefire EPX4 Pellet Grill
36410074 - Weber Genesis E-435
35810074 - Weber Genesis EPX-335
23611574 - Weber Smokefire EPX6 Pellet Grill
36600074 - Weber Genesis Sx-435
36810074 - Weber Genesis EPX-435

Height: 2.54cm
Width: 40.6cm

Product Code: 7682