WEBER Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS FREE cover - Creative Outdoor Living
WEBER Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS FREE cover - Creative Outdoor Living

Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS FREE cover

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Weber® totally revised and thoroughly updated their range of Weber® Genesis® II range of gas barbecues for introduction in 2017 creating an extensive range new generation gas barbecues all featuring high performance, high innovation and high quality all being designed to make the barbecuing life simpler and to fit in with any lifestyle.

This led to the creation of the GS4™ High Performance grilling system with almost every single component of the GS4™ High Performance grilling system, the ignition system, the burners, the Flavorizer™ Bars and the grease management system being upgraded and, in most features, totally redesigned to boost performance and for ease of use.

The GS4™ High Performance grilling system is an innovative grilling system that Weber® has used over 30 years of gas barbecuing experience, culinary expertise and, most importantly, feedback from their customer's to engineer. The GS4™ High Performance grilling system means that power and convenience will never again be dependent on the amount of space or number of people to feed as Weber® created their most powerful grill engine ever.

Designed specifically to be easy to build, easy to live with and easy to use the Weber® Genesis® II range of gas bbqs now sees the following further revisions for the new season to make them even better looking and even easier to live with -

These updates include -

A taller Frame – gives a more convenient grilling height at which the cooking surface sits

Stainless steel flavorizer bars – a premium upgrade to add even more durability to the GS4 High Performance Grilling System

Taller and deeper side tables – enhances the already great appearance

U - shaped lid handle design – to further enhances the already great appearance

Elevations Warming Rack – drops down to accommodate innovative Elevations Cooking System Accessories

These additional improvements further enhance what has already has become a hugely successful,and now tried and tested, range of gas barbecues backing up the all the component parts of the GS4™ High Performance grilling system, the ignition system, the burners, the Flavorizer™ Bars and the grease management system.

Much effort and many years of development combined with constant re-engineering went into sourcing exactly the right ignition system for the re-thought Genesis® II series to create a system built to ignite every time with each burner having a newly developed igniter. Weber® are so confident in the improved ignition that it now has a limited 10 year warranty

The burners each have a unique tapered shape to combat gas purging giving a consistent gas flow from front to back ensuring an even heat distribution over whole cooking surface so food will grill evenly and consistently where ever it is on cooking surface.

The upgrades to the Grease Management System simplified the general maintenance which will be needed to keep any gas barbecue clean and grilling at it's best. The Grease Management System helps with the removal of excess cooking juices whilst reducing the risk of flare ups that can taint the tasre of food being cooked. Cooking juices not fully vapourised by the Flavorizer™ bars are channelled away from the burners into an easily accessible catch pan located under the cookbox so simply empty the catch pan after each grilling session.

Below the porcelain enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System cooking grates and above the re-designed burners sit the classic Weber® Flavorizer bars which are carefully shaped to just the right angle to catch catch the dripping fats and cooking juices that smoke and sizzle to add the characteristic barbecue flavour to the food being grilled. Any cooking juices not vapourised by the Flavoriser bars will then follow the slope of their unique angle to be funnelled away from the burners down into the Grease Management System.

A 13 kg Patio gas bottle, which will need to be purchased locally, to power the barebecue can be located on a bracket behind the designated storage screen at the side of the grill making it easier to access to get in and out to replace plus also creating a more generous space underneath the grill for all those barbecuing essentials.

Also featured is an ergonomic single hinged lid that is engineered so that it is convenient and easy to both open and shut underneath which sits a porcelain-enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System™ Cooking Grate which can be used as a regular cooking grate plus has a simple lift out 30cm middle section. Lift this out and replace it with one of the separately purchasable interchangeable Gourmet BBQ System™ accessories – Dutch Oven Insert, Waffle and Sandwich Iron, Griddle Insert, Ebelskiver Insert, Pizza Stone with Carry Rack, Wok and Steamer Insert and Poultry Roaster Insert – to greatly expand the versatility of the grilling, roasting or baking options available on any Weber® Gourmet BBQ System™ equipped barbecue.

Also featured is an integrated frame in the side table which accommodates, and is fully compatible with, one of the separately purchasable iGrill™3 thermometers. An iGrill™3 thermometer measures the temperature simultaneously in different food items using up to 4 probes with a Bluetooth facility allowing the iGrill™3 combine with smart phone to offer a whole range of grilling possibilities for tastier and healthier food.

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