Weber performer deluxe - Weber - Creative Outdoor Living
Weber performer deluxe - Weber - Creative Outdoor Living
Weber performer deluxe - Weber - Creative Outdoor Living

Weber performer deluxe

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The Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm is Weber's top notch charcoal kettle barbecue taking all the functional and easy to use features of the Weber Master-Touch 57cm and embedding them in an easy to move around cart with a large painted metal work surface which includes a gas ignition system to speed up lighting up the coals, a removable LCD cooking timer and a multi functional weather-proof Char-Bin.

TheWeber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm - takes Weber's ongoing evolution of their kettle barbecues, with it's origins in the 1952 heritage kettle design, and uses their total familiarity with charcoal grilling blended with much customer feedback to create a charcoal barbecue that, while it's signature Weber stylings may look very familiar, features the Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate, Tuck-Away lid holder, stainless steel One-Touch Cleaning System, and rust proof removable ash catcher to take the concept up to the next level for even more simplicity of use and grilling versatility.

The Weber Performer Deluxe Gourmet with GBS 57 features the Gourmet BBQ System grate which can be used as a standard cooking grate or by easily removing the 30cm central section and replacing it with one of the interchangeable GBS accessories; wok, sear grate, griddle, pizza stone, dutch oven or poultry roaster, all of which are separately purchasable and can be bought individually, to greatly expand the range of the grilling, roasting, stir frying or baking options into areas that you would not always expect to be available with a charcoal barbecue.

There is a wide grilling area that can still to be used around the outer rim for grilling when the Gourmet BBQ System Grate accessories are being used as the total cooking grate area is 2552cm², giving lots of space for both direct and indirect grilling which is greatly aided by the two Char-Basket Fuel Holders which are included, which is more than adequate for a family or friends to enjoy a barbecue at home or wherever the adventures takes you.

The easy to use Tuck-Away lid holder makes an always available place to put the lid when it is not in use as the lid slides neatly into the Tuck-Away lid holder meaning that it will also function as a windshield and heat deflector when lighting the coals or moving food around on the grates.

Below the barbecue kettle of the Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm sits the stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system which is combined with a rust-proof removable ash catcher to make the barbecue simple to clean and maintain as well as help prevent burn marks from ashes blowing onto wooden decking, lawns or patios.

All that is needed is to move the One-Touch Cleaning system handle from side to side to the three stainless steel blades within the kettle causing ashes to fall into the ash catcher below the kettle which can taken out by lifting and sliding to one side to when the ashes and embers have cooled down then. When emptied simply reverse the procedure to return the ash catcher to it's resting place.

Underneath the work surface of the Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm there is a handy stainless steel wire shelf for keeping utensils, coals and accessories to hand when grilling as well as all weather wheels with kettle covers so the barbecue can be easily moved around to the best location for grilling . Utensils and accessories can also be kept in easy reach when grilling using the 3 tool holders integrated into the front of the large painted metal work surface.

Also sitting underneath the work surface is the weatherproof Char-Bin which is a real bonus as it has a whole host of functions as storage for charcoal or briquettes, a litter bin, a general storage space or fill it with ice to keep drinks cold

The kettle lid of the Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm , which should be kept in place whenever the barbecue is in use to make sure of the optimum grilling conditions, has a weather-proof handle with protective heat shield as well as lid mounted thermometer and a rust-proof aluminium vent to regulates air flow and temperature under the lid for dependable grilling results whenever the barbecue is fired up.

The way theWeber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm - is constructed is exactly would be expected from a Weber Charcoal grill as the lid and bowl are made from high quality American steel with a porcelain enamelled coating, a powder coating which is fired onto the steel at approx 800°C to give a shiny black coating which is sturdy enough to cope with anything the elements can throw at it making the enjoyment of barbecuing a realistic proposition through out the